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* README: clean up unreferenced links HEAD mainsternenseemann2021-09-23
* NEWS: init 1.1.0Alyssa Ross2021-06-06
* Cargo.toml: graphql_client: 0.8.0 -> 0.9.0Alyssa Ross2021-06-06
* Cargo.lock: regenerateAlyssa Ross2021-06-06
* branches: update for staging-next-21.05Alyssa Ross2021-06-06
* README.license: add missing dateAlyssa Ross2021-05-24
* Add title to PR information displaySumner Evans2021-05-24
* README: update instructions for runningSumner Evans2021-05-22
* .editorconfig: set max_line_length for READMESumner Evans2021-05-22
* README: add missing line breakAlyssa Ross2021-03-25
* deny.toml: createAlyssa Ross2021-03-16
* README: fix non-systemd socket activation exampleAlyssa Ross2021-03-16
* Version 1.0.0 1.0.0Alyssa Ross2021-02-27
* README: link to my instanceAlyssa Ross2021-02-18
* github: check for bogus merge commit data by dateAlyssa Ross2021-02-18
* branches: stable doesn't have a staging-next equivAlyssa Ross2021-02-17
* templates: clean up HTML outputAlyssa Ross2021-02-17
* Initial commitAlyssa Ross2021-02-17